We can design and iterate your product ideas from concept. With In House 3D Printing capabilities, we can put a cost-effective prototype in your hands!

3D Modeling

Using State of the art CAD software, we can create 3D models of parts and or assemblies. The models can be provided in file formats universal to the manufacturing industry. Simply send the file to manufacturers for quote!

Build to Print Engineering drawings

These are drawings that are typically required by manufacturers and will be used on the shop floor to manufacture your part! They provide guidance and specify how the part should be built.

CNC Programming

With expertise in programming CNC mills, we can provide G code, Tooling lists, recommended fixturing, and setup documentation for a variety of CNC Mills or review existing machining processes for optimization.

3D Printing

Using the latest technology, we can batch print your parts to order!

Fixture Design

Work holding can be a difficult problem to solve. Let us figure it out for you!

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